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Sternberg Likely Voted for John Kerry

I was reading The Big Lead and they were discussing whether Roger Clemens was a donations giver to any of the republicans in congress. It turns out he isn't, however thanks to a nifty site, NewsMeat I found out that the Rays owner, Stuart Sternberg, donated 2,000 dollars to each John Edwards and John Kerry back in 2003.

Not important whatsoever, but somewhat interesting.

Also, as you know pitchers and catchers reported today, and well:

That's Jason Hammel, and that's a nice outfit he's sporting. We're seriously two weeks and a day from the first spring training game of the year, and that also means the DRB preview guide will be available. Not much else happening, except the (Disney) World Series was officially announced today.

Oh and miraculously the timer at the top has been updated. Thank you search functions.