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A Special Kind of High

Yes, there's a magical and euphoric feeling floating around the Rays' right now, whether it be another BP devoted article or the team ace coming out and saying playoffs are possible. From Topkin courtesy of the St. Pete Times blog.

"What's possible? Play in October, that's possible,'' ace Scott Kazmir said. "That is possible. That's what I got out of Joe (Maddon) talking to us, and talking to all of my teammates, it's not something that's impossible. We have what it takes to win here.''
That might be a stretch for a team that finished a major-league worst 66-96 last season, but the optimism was widespread throughout the clubhouse.

Rays...playoffs? So much for anyone settling for .500.

Other news / notes:
RaysBB's  community prospect list is finally complete. I'm disappointed at Wade Davis' spot, but what can I do about it?

Minorleagueball readers answer the question: "How good can the Rays be" and discuss the idea of Joe Blanton in St. Pete.

Apparently Jeremy Brown is retiring - excuse me for my lameness, but I really hope he gets a jean modeling gig somewhere.

Jeff at Lookout Landing has a collection of BSoL stories.

Jason Collette and co. launched their new site.

And TSP's spin-off blog, Outs Per Swing has photos from today's workout; oooh pretty.