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Keith Law Owns the Internets

Consider this one of those free pub posts for sites I like.

Drunk Jays Fans break down all things, including a recent Keith Law chat and this post on "Mount Rapmore". Like DJF I tend to agree with Law that Rakim is more deserving than Biggie or Jay Z, but then again I also say The Cool is one of the better CDs I've heard.

Also a post on DJF talks about J.P. Ricciardi essentially lying to Sal Fasano. Why does the weird catcher crap always happen with Toronto? First the Barajas' contract snafu and now lying to the greatest mustache of them all?

Jesse from TwinkieTown has switched sides of the pond.

Lookout Landing with a user post about the need to explain new philosophies more often. I agree completely, and I'll probably start working on a few explanation posts for DRB and BTB alike in the coming hours.

For those fans of racing - not my cup of tea - today's a big day, Restrictor Plate This has you covered, or spotted, whatever.

We aren't the only blushing birthday blogs around these parts, Gaslamp Ball turned four. I must admit, the Padres intrigue me, I won't say I cheer for them or own any Padres gear - I don't, but the similarities between our two franchises are quite amusing.

Finally because I'm hungry for baseball, here's a pic of Garza and Zimmer: