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What we have learned thus far

Since I haven't made a post in a while, and I have a little bit of free time tonight. I thought I would do a short post to recap some things we have learned this last week.

-Niemann really is in great shape. Evident by the early pictures we have seen so far, he looks alot thinner, and has apparently been working extremely hard this offseason.

-Kaz showing excitement about the team, should be making all of us fans more excited about the possibility of him signing a extension at some point.

-Aki has long hair, Orvella is really short, and Zimmer is...well, Zimmer

-Shields has seemingly said all the right things, and looks to have the makings of a great clubhouse leader. He has many times been shown embracing Garza to the team, and as we have learned has a great relationship with many of the younger pitchers.

-Percival doesn't share water with anyone

-Navarro has had a rough last couple of years, and it is very unfortunate everything that he has had to deal with. We hope his mothers health problems can be resolved as swiftly as possible.

-Cliff Floyd carries his gear in trash bags...hopefully he won't need to pull his crutches out of that bag at any point this season

-Lancaster is proving himself as my favorite beat writer, seemingly using the blog as it is meant to be used

- All the younger players also seem to be listening to Percy and DiFelice, who are proving to be the wise, wily veterans

In total recap, as a Rays fan since the teams inception I have never seen the team coming into the season with an attitude anything close to where the team is at right now. 40 guys at camp a week before it even opens? Thats crazy! This will be the most exciting season in team history, and I for one can't wait.

Also, any of you interested in Fred McGriff or the writing of our own R.J. Anderson, you should most definitely check out his latest post over at Beyond the Boxscore. If after reading this you still don't think Fred should be in the Hall of Fame, then you probably need some more instruction from Tom Emanski.