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The Powder Keg Arrives

Navarro and Hinske have reported - all position players are due in tomorrow with the first full team practice on Wednesday - we'll have first hand coverage.

Aki is comfortable this year compared to last and Riggans looks good, Lancaster also notes Joe Maddon is open to having Price pitch in the bigs late this season.

Also that interview at Outs Per Swing is up - for the most part we talk about spring training options and my "cousin" Brian Anderson. Also before people send me email about it - no I don't think we'll really win 90 games, that comment was in jest.

St. Pete Times:

And Troy Percival continued to show his clubhouse leadership, and sense of humor, sporting a customized jersey. After kidding the pitchers over a Sunday Times article comparing Rays starters Scott Kazmir, James Shields and Matt Garza to some of baseball's best young rotations, Percival wore a jersey that looked like this:

You know what? I'm starting to like having Percival around.