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Fan Fest 2008 Pictures

Well, I think it's safe to call the 2008 Rays Fan Fest was a success.  I don't know the official attendance numbers, but there was a veritable sea of people, especially in the autograph lines.  Some were so long you could get in over an hour early and still not reach the player you wanted in time. This happened with me twice, believe it or not.  But I digress.

Rich Herrera and Paul "Hoover" Hunt head-to-head in a hot dog eating contest (Hoover won, 13 dogs to Herrera's 1 3/4)

Baseball-related companies were there in force: Topps, Baseball America, and Baseball Prospectus just a few, along with countless other Rays sponsors.  Harold Reynolds was there in a Rays jersey, along with Jim Morris and other assorted former major leaguers.  There's not a whole lot else to say, it was just a lot of fun and I'd enjoy hearing what you guys did (and how many autographs you got) in the comments.   Also, there's a whole lot more photos of players signing after the jump.

James Shields

Jonny Gomes

Matt Garza

Don Zimmer

Akinori Iwamura

Andy Cannizaro

B.J. Upton

Justin Ruggiano

Rocco Baldelli

Fernando Perez

Cliff Floyd

Carlos Pena