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The Price Index: Pre-Season

If you remember, last year we rolled out "Price Check" for David Price's college starts, this year I'm proud to introduce the Price Index, here's the fancy graphic, courtesy of Downie.

For those not familiar with economics, here's Wikipedia's definition:

A price index is a numerical measure designed to help compare how the prices of some class of goods and/or services, taken as a whole, differ between time periods or geographical locations.

To make it short and simple, what I intend to do with the PI is compare him to the next level of minor league starters and the level of starters on the major league team. Of course comparing him in Montgomery to someone playing in Durham or St. Pete is a bit unfair, but that's where ballpark and league factors come into play. If you're completely lost don't worry; you'll see what I mean after Price makes his first start.

I actually forgot to include the most important part: tracking Price's progress to the majors and estimating his arrival time.