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Christmas in February

St. Pete Times:

There has been no formal offer, actual wooing or even public displays of affection. But the Rays seem to have at least an eye on Barry Bonds, and team officials have recently talked internally about the all-time home run king who has been at the center of the steroids controversy.

I'm not sure where he'd fit or how, but any chance you can add the greatest player ever, well, you do it. Especially when he can carry a team like this. Of course I say but that the percentage of likelihood is in single digits.

Update 10am 2/25 (Bishoff): Thanks to my buddy Matt Wilson, he told me they just talked about Bonds going to the Rays on Mike & Mike. They brought in Buster Olney to do a piece on this issue. He basically said he thinks it would be a good idea for the team. It would help sell tickets, and since everyone is out of the steroid box it doesn't make his image quite as suspect. While this rumor may not have any legs, it may be more than a "internet rumor".

Update 11:50am 2/25 (Bishoff): This comes from The Heater. They give us Upton and CC's takes on signing Bonds.

"C'mon,'' B.J. Upton said, "it's Barry.''

Two-time All-Star Carl Crawford said Bonds could be a good addition to the team's lineup, despite whatever issues, and attention, might follow him.

"If they are really serious about it, I'm pretty sure we can adjust to it,'' Crawford said before Monday's workout. "It's Barry Bonds - who wouldn't want to have him on their team?

"He still hit, what, 28 home runs last year? He's walking a lot, still been very productive. You can understand why we could be interested in him. I'm surprised to see him not signed yet.''

Update 1:55pm 2/25 (Bishoff): Lancaster, tells us that there is no basis for these Bonds rumors. He says its a non-story, and affirms this with this quote on the subject:

‘’It’s a non-story,’’ executive vice president Andrew Friedman said through team apokesman Rick Vaughn.

Update 3:00pm 2/25 (Bishoff): tells us there might be tiny bit more to this than the Front Office suggests. Manager Joe Maddon admits they have had a little bit of interest, but there really hasn't been anything to it. At this point basically, there isn't enough to speculate any type of signing coming in the near future, here is what Papa Positivity had to say:

Manager Joe Maddon said Monday he knew "little" about what was going on, but acknowledged some thought has been given to the career home-run leader. "A minor discussion was thrown out there a little bit, and it's really not gone any further than that," Maddon said after Monday's workout at the team's spring training facility. "That's all it is right now."
So, this gives Topkin's piece a little bit more of credibility, but I wouldn't expect anything in the near future.

Update 3:37 R.J. - Apparently Rick Vaughn was overheard telling reporters that he'd have more for them on Wednesday - per a bystander at team practice this morning.

Update R.J. Silverman just said on the Hot Stove show: "We're not going to talk about contract negotiations with any player."

Contract? Bonds? My heart flutters with anticipation.