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For All Your Fantasy Needs

RotoJunkie's annual is finally fully up and running, in case you have 15 bucks to spend on a guide drop it on the one that featured a Rays fan as a main contributor. Plus 1/3rd of all revenue will be donated to the Mike Coolbaugh fund, which that alone should be worth your time.

As a full disclaimer yes my name is mentioned as a helper and even guest writer, but to set the record straight all I did was overlook a few of the team pages' statistics and write the Rays' team preview, a very small snippet from said preview:

That hope begins with first baseman Carlos Pena, the junkyard non-roster invitee who hit 46 homeruns last season despite not making the initial opening day roster and was only added because of Greg Norton's gimpy knee. Pena also found another reason for hope this past off-season, signing a three year extension with the Rays - one of the larger contracts in team history - and trust me when I say he had a lot more to do with that then you'd believe.  

However I will not be receiving any financial compensation for my "work", so the only bias is being very loosely involved and respecting a great deal of what Jason Collette and RotoJunkie has done and is doing.