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DRB Season Preview Guide

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Before the link, some disclaimers:

  1. Dan Wheeler, Scott Dohmann, and Grant Balfour's profiles didn't make it into the guide, that's on me, I didn't copy and paste them in and at this point it's just as easy to give you the summary here: nothing you didn't know.
  2. In light of recent events - namely Alvarez breaking his hand - we pulled the draft feature, it was outdated and certainly the injury changes the draft outlook.
  3. The stadium stuff, well, ask Patrick, if you can find him.
  4. The cover image came out blurry, again my fault, I tried making the file as small as possible, I put it in as a watermark and naturally it came out blurry. That's my fault, not Downie's.
Okay, now that being said, we proudly introduce the inaugural DRaysBay Season Preview Guide, free of charge, and hopefully the first in a long line of editions, but the last in solely digital form.

Overview of the guide, in order:

Foreword by Will Carroll
Happiness is a Thing Called Joe (E.Y. Harburg) by Bob Rittner
Smell That? Smells Like Change by Matt Bishoff
From Hell: The 2002 Tampa Bay Devil Rays by R.J. Anderson
R.A.Y.S: A Projections System by R.J. Anderson
Player Profiles by the DRB staff
About the Staff

So here it is. Click here and enjoy