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Spring Training Game One: Rays Beat Reds 7-6

The team needed an Eric Hinske double in the top of the 9th to retain a lead they blew in the 8th, but otherwise the Rays did just enough to get the win today. Here are the pitching and hitting stats from today's game, the players in blue likely improved their chances of making the team:

McGee really struggled, can you say reasons why, at this point, he's behind Wade Davis on my radar? Namely because his secondary stuff isn't there quite yet. Longoria had a flyout, double, and walk, easily having one of the better offensive days. Same can be said about Eric Hinske.

Tomorrow the Rays open Al Lang's final campaign up against the Toronto Blue Jays. James Shields, Mitch Talbot, Trever Miller, and Al Reyes are expected to pitch.

Actually Chad Orvella pitched the 7th, not sure why the MLB boxscore has Balfour listed for two innings.