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Chris Mason is Pretty Great

Hometown article concerning the right hander of Jake's disdain, a few interesting points:

"There was talk after my year in the California League that I had gotten tired," Mason said. "I didn't get tired. It was just that we changed my mechanics and we probably did it too fast. Last summer, the second half was probably my strongest. I didn't lose a game in the second half. My team didn't lose a game in the second half when I pitched."

For his work, Mason was chosen the Rays' 11th-best minor-league prospect by Drays Bay website and the organization's 12th-best prospect by

Gotta say, that's pretty great - oh and the mention is quite nice too, but I think Jake owes Mr. Mason an apology, no?

Hat tip to Jay Bradley of, coincidentally he's began posting the Top 25 Prospect list and survey; four of us partook (Jake, Patrick, Kevin, and myself) along with former DRB members Jim Wisinski and Tyler Marsh.