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Know Thy Enemy

Jake 's takes on the Rays: Yankee's chick edition.

The talented Mr. Sackmann, BTB team preview of the Red Sox.

Bluebird Banter on Gustavo Chacin, you know - the big goofy guy - amongst other fifth starter options.

Oriole fans are apparently saying goodbye to two notable O's Erik Bedard and Brian Roberts. It might be tough now, but at least the Orioles are finally rebuilding the right way and not trying to fix holes with glue and Aubrey Huff.

Finally Drunk Jays Fans continues to refer to B.J. Ryan as "The Beej", our solution? Ryan can be called the "B" and B.J. Upton takes the "J", therefore while Upton is jobbing fools, Ryan is simply blowing...out his elbow.