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It's Miller Time!


Left-handed reliever Trever Miller has agreed to a one-year major-league contract with the Rays that includes a team option for 2009

Miller allowed .209/.301/.352 against lefties last year.

2008: 1.6 mil
2009: 400k buyout or 2 million

The deal puts payroll over 43 million and shapes the bullpen roles, the more interesting question - to me at least - would be what are the odds that the Rays open the season with two left-handers in the bullpen? I wouldn't plan on Brian Anderson or Roger Deago - who, as I've been told, is AAA material at best - making the team, but perhaps J.P. Howell or Kurt Birkins slip in.

Here's a look at Miller compared to Jeremy Affeldt and Ron Mahay:

PECOTA sees Miller with an ERA of 4.03 and a WHIP of 1.38.