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Eric Hinske a Ray

Ttnorm is better at this than me.

I used to be a fan of Hinske , stats, hell I once suggested we'd deal Julio Lugo to the Jays for a minor leaguer or two and Hinske - remember at the time we didn't have a clear 1B/3B option minus Wigginton, plus I was young and stupid. He's a lefty bat that's good for a dozen plus homeruns. Hinske can also play 3B, 1B, and the corner outfield spots. As if things weren't getting testy all ready, it just got all the more interesting, particularly that he crushes righties and seems like a logical platoon partner with Joel Guzman, or hell off the bench in general, especially if Aybar can play short. PECOTA has Hinske for .246/.334/.415 and five homers in 160 at-bats.