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Three Weeks Left

Until our guide launches. Now I have a bad habit of giving away too much before I'm supposed to, but I promised staff I wouldn't do that this time, so here's just a small snippet of what you get.

  • Nearly 90 Rays' player write-ups featuring input from DRB staff, RotoJunkie's Jason Collette, and numerous others.
  • My review of the 2002 Rays.
  • A look at the Sternberg era.
  • Unveiling of RAYS, my cheap knock off of Marcels and other similar projection systems that varies in no way other than being about as simpleton as you can get.
  • Pedro Alvarez and co. profile.
  • Beyond the Boxscore's Fluke or Nuke: Rays version.
  • Quotes page, rehashing some of the best quotes we've collected through original interviews.
  • Organizational depth chart.
  • 2007 organizational stat sheet.
  • Team schedule.
And we have a few more things up our sleeves, but the guide is completely free and will be available the morning of the first spring game, meaning you can print it out at your office and then head to Sarasota and glance through it while you look at the classified jobs ads.