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12-10 Loss to Reds/ My Notes from Game

Rays lost today 12-10 to the Indians, but it wasn't all bad. The worst part of the day was watching Jason Hammel pitch. He was seemingly leaving meatballs over the plate, which equated to multiple doubles by the Tribe. This start does not bode well for his future with the team.

B.J. hit a homer to dead center and it was a dead line drive. Cliff Floyd also hit a double to right center, and looked like his old self.

One of the things that impressed me the most was Carlos Pena. Pena just continued to show his great maturity at the plate. He has the best eye on the team in my opinion, and will draw a lot of walks this year with the spotlight on him.

John Jaso, who I got to talk to and is a real nice guy, came in and hit a bases loaded 2-0out single to score two and make the game closer, even though it didn't seem to help. He also threw someone out trying to steal on him with a great throw.

B.J. gunned somebody from centerfield at third base, but Longoria apparently didn't put a good tag on him. B.J. has a laser arm and looks really comfortable out in center. Longoria let a ball get by him that could have prevented 2 runs with 2 outs and bases loaded. I am not sure if it was scored a error, but it was right off his glove and he had a decent chance to make the play. Offensively, he had a couple nice hits and also hit a line drive directly at someone.

Another thing of interesting note was the entrance song for Willy Aybar. I do not know if it is random for spring training, but he came out to: "This is the life of, the life of a go getta, go getta, go getta" ... I found that amusing.

I talked to Rocco and he was in high spirits. Seemed positive on the fact that he would play again, which was refreshing. I also got a pic with him as can be seen below. I'll probably add more info in the comments, as I am sure I forgot a couple of things.

UPDATE: I knew I would forget something, but this one the one thing I was most excited about seeing today. That was the defense up the middle of Bartlett/Aki. They gobbled up everything up the middle that was humanly possible. With those two we have more range than we have ever had before, and Aki showed the ability to throw with strength across his body. He seems to be fitting in at second perfectly.