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Thank the Lord

Apparently John Raburn has been added to the 40-man roster, per the official site's roster page. Stats, essentially he's what Zobrist was shaping up to be, only a proven minor leaguer. This probably won't end well. The possible good news is that there are 41 players showing on the 40 man, so maybe this is an error, or something else is going down after the game (Rocco or Zobrist to the DL perhaps?) we'll see.

False alarm folks, apparently it was just a mistake, but how the hell does the official site add him without checking? By the way, if you want to read about Raburn check out OPS, Tommy covered him better than I did.

Also I wanted to make this point, and what better time until after Elliot "Helliot" Johnson homers; he's the exact type of player Joe Maddon would love, remember Adam Kennedy and David Eckstein? Hustle + small = great. Maybe he'll win this job, probably better than Raburn.