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Kalt: "They stuck us in a UFO,"

From a SI article, the so called "point man" for the new stadium, Michael Kalt:

The main reason the Rays have failed to win the hearts of folks in Central Florida is the same one that explains the Marlins' similar fate in South Florida, says Michael Kalt, the Rays' point man for the new stadium. "Part of the reason that baseball hasn't been very successful here in Florida ... really comes down to the venues [do] nothing to highlight that feeling that this is baseball, in Florida," he says. "I mean, they stuck us in a UFO and [the Marlins] in a football stadium."

I'd say A/C highlights Florida, but I've never heard the Trop compared to a UFO; warehouse? Yes, UFO? Not so much. Although, perhaps that's why we were interested in this guy:

If you had to vote today on the new stadium proposal, knowing what you know (speaking of which you can read more from Aaron Sharockman of the St. Pete Times, he's done a fabulous job gathering info since day one) would you elect for the team to build the new stadium or vote against it?