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Baldelli: Unknown Muscle Disorder

Per 620 WDAE, Rocco Baldelli has an unknown muscle disorder and will be placed on the DL indefinitely.  Rocco visited doctors all over the country who performed a slew of "invasive" tests on him but couldn't trace the cause of his muscle fatigue, which is what is limiting his play -- according to Rocco, doing simple workouts would leave him exhausted.  Ruled out with the tests were some very serious conditions such as cancer, multiple sclerosis, Lou Gherig's disease.

When asked about Rocco's upcoming option, Andrew Friedman said that as of now it looks like they won't pick it up unless something happens between now and that day.

Update(12:20):(Kevin Gengler) Per Lancaster:

Rocco Baldelli addressed his myserious medical problems for the first time today, saying a litany of tests by doctors around the country had revealed "some type of metabolic and/or mitochondrial abnormalities." Essentially, his body is not allowing his muscles to work as they should and made it all but impossible for him to sustain any kind of regular activity on the field for any length of time. He will open the season on the disabled list and it’s unclear when—or if—he might return, though he said he is not retiring.