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Throw Down in Tampa

Here's the vid, hat tip to Eric Seidman and Red Lasso, if you ever need video clips those are your guys, and email Eric for any sports related clips.

Forget the merits of Saturday's play at the plate involving Elliot "Helliot" Johnson, the Yankees got their "revenge" in the first by pegging Evan Longoria with a pitch, but for Shelley Duncan it wasn't enough. Oh no, he had to try and high spike Akinori Iwamura on what amounted to a game of tag for Iwamura, the furthest thing from a bang-bang play. Jonny Gomes ran in from right and speared Duncan, ejections, mass hysteria, Nas, all followed.

I wanted cooler heads to prevail, I was okay with a HBP that didn't do any damage, but of course someone has to be a hard ass and show that he's not afraid of the world by trying to take out Aki. Gomes stuck up for his teammates, and frankly good for him, he didn't incite this, and it definitely won't end it.

Mr. Duncan, next time you want to tango, make sure the other team doesn't have a semi-deranged part-time wrestler on the field at the same time, okay?

Oh and Joe Girardi, I guess this is why Andy Pettitte was scratched, eh? Or why none of your stars are playing today.

Apparently before leaving the dugout Gomes high fived everyone in sight. Oh boy.

Lancaster with a ton of quotes and reaction: B.J. calling it a flat out dirty play, spike tracks visible on Aki's pants, Gomes saying he could've done a lot worse, and Percival saying the Yanks, for the day, are unprofessional.

Some are saying it didn't look intentional on Longoria's HBP, fair enough, but no excuse for Duncan either way.

Here's what incited the brawl: