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Rays Bid on 2010 ASG, RF Options

Hello folks, here's a few nice tidbits to pass along this Friday evening:

The Rays, Royals, and Angels have bid on the 2010 All-Star game, it appears the Angels will be awarded the event. Not a surprise, although personally I feel Kansas City should get the chance to hold it soon, they have some very loyal fans, and I'd must rather see the game held here when we have our new park.

Rosenthal chimes in with some ideas on who our RF options are, here's the snippet:

The Rays ideally want to replace Rocco Baldelli with a switch-hitter who could provide strong late-inning defense in right field and back up B.J. Upton in center. The Angels' Reggie Willits fits that description, but is said to be unavailable. Free agent Kenny Lofton and the Brewers' Gabe Gross are among the left-handed hitting possibilities. The Blue Jays' Reed Johnson, a right-handed hitter, also might fit, but many clubs view him as an injury risk. The Mets like Johnson, but would prefer an outfielder with more power.

I'm not so sure we'll land Willits, but if you missed the story about his family living in a batting cage, give it a read.