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Rays Looking intro Trade Opportunities

According to Topkin, the Rays are looking into trade opportunities. He quoted Friedman as saying:

"There's a lot of different options out there, and we'll see if we're able to bring someone in before the season starts, And if we're not, we'll go with someone internally and continue to do that depending on how everyone's playing."

Topkin then goes on to list some names he thinks the team might be interested in.

Some free-agent options are available, such as Kenny Lofton and, of course, Barry Bonds. But the Rays seem more likely to first explore trade possibilities, with names to keep in mind including Dave Dellucci (Indians), Gabe Gross (Brewers), Skip Schumaker (Cardinals), Reggie Willits (Angels) and, less likely, Reed Johnson (Blue Jays).

Bonds name seems to stay in the list of rumors everytime.