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Hinske, Gomes, Kaz

Joe Smith of the St. Pete Times produced a new article today, amongst those items discussed: Hinske's shot at making the team, Gomes playing center, and Kazmir still hasn't thrown off a mound.

Smith also has this piece on Floyd. Most of what you'd expect, but it's a bit surprising how candid the players are when talking about Cliff:

"We've been learning on our own the past six or seven years, the years I've been here," Crawford, 26, said. "It's been like, you bump your head real bad, and you have to learn from it. Now I'm glad I don't have to go through that anymore. We don't have to fall on our face anymore. We can get advice, and it'll save us from going through all the big trouble."

Also David Price left yesterday's start early with elbow stiffness. Apparently he's fine, but not good none the less.