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Rotation, Bullpen All But Set

From Lancaster:

Maddon also said this morning that he's not averse to carrying the rest of the Rays' roster decisions to the end of next week if necessary. That means the battle for the final spot in the bullpen, which appears to be between Balfour and Dohmann, could have a couple more rounds. As for Evan Longoria's status, Maddon said a couple days ago that he hoped to have it resolved by this weekend to give Longoria time to acclimate wherever he's going to start the season, but he said today he doesn't necessarily think it will be done this weekend.

Earlier in the post he said the official rotation should be announced today and said he'd be shocked if it wasn't: Shields - Garza - Jackson - Hammel - Sonnanstine, to which I have two replies. First, Jeff Niemann pack your bags, you'll be needed very soon when Jackson and/or Hammel get firebombed a few times. Secondly, UGH. Remember that rant about me hating the bullpen? Yeah, well the rotation takes all of my ire now. Jackson AND Hammel? This whole waiting-for-some-kind-of-miracle-light-bulb-clicking-and-not-blowing-up-and-burning-their-faces-off business was cute when we sucked, but aren't we supposed to be contending for a third place spot? Ignoring how pathetic the idea that a third place finish in our division is competing to us, I'd just rather have Niemann than either of them. I guess we'll see him in a similar situation to Longoria.

As for the pen, Dohmann's going to win the spot based on Balfour's contract which allows him to be optioned to Durham. I'm guessing the pen breaks camp as:
Percival - Reyes - Wheeler - Miller - Glover - Dohmann - Howell

As opposed to last year:
Reyes - Camp - Lugo - Stokes - Salas - Glover - Ryu

Improved, and with a chance of being above average. Now if Glover can just miss the team meetings for the next few days...

And now Niemann has been optioned to Durham. Great.

The order: Shields/Garza/Sonnanstine/Jackson&Hammel fill out, not sure in which slot.