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With the decision on where Longoria starts in the majors or minors to come within the next few hours or days, Rays fans seem to be crowded around like a school of sharks. Either the Rays are going to please the majority of Rays fandom by choosing to keep Longoria up, giving them a reason to be excited for a team that has Jason Hammel in a rotation.


The Rays will send Longoria down to Durham, hope that he hits the ground running and get an extra year out of him in the long run. However, with him sharing the same agent as the newly extended SS Tulowitski...the 1 extra year should and probably won't matter at all.

This monumental decision puts the Rays in a bit of a state of flux. Longoria is that teetering domino, which could set off a number of chain-reactions in which the roster could shake up.

If Longoria makes the team, will Aybar be used as the Utility Infielder and take the spot that an inspired Ben Zobrist(if the decision on him comes soon, as well) or "Mr. Hustle" Elliot Johnson would've gotten? Ben & Elliot have played all over the field and actually have hit the ball, though Spring hitting stats should never be reason for excitement. Only records, and even the KC Royals have proven that good springs aren't locks for .500+ record regular seasons.

And if Longoria makes the team, it pretty much opens up a spot for one of the greatest rock drummers of all time....Eric "I've been around the world, statues crumble for me..."(or as I call him, Eric Awesome) Hinske! I've secretly had a high regard for the former ROY, so him making the roster on my favorite team would be picture perfect.

How many people are confused to read today's(3/24) line-up and startled to see Longoria starting at 3B than reading a press release that he's been reassigned to Minor League Camp?