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Longoria Sent Down, Price Out 6 Weeks

As I foreshadowed, today Evan Longoria (and Reid Brignac) have officially been sent to Durham. Per Topkin.

Orvella, Zobrist, and Birkins will also begin the season on the DL joining Kazmir and Rocco.

From Lancaster:

Updating with some additional info on David Price. He saw Dr. Koco Eaton today and was diagnosed with a muscle strain in his left elbow. It isn’t considered serious, but the combination of having to shut him down for a while and then build him all the way back up to a starter’s workload likely means it will be six weeks before he makes his first start for Vero Beach, according to Andrew Friedman. Price will be in extended spring training until then working his way back.

Bad news, much worse than Longoria.