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Teachers Know Baseball

I've been casually glancing the numerous places on the web concerning the Longoria news and the common theme is the Rays are cheap for waiting on Longoria. Fair enough, that's up to opinion, however he's likely to be a Super-Two player, meaning he'll be getting a substantial raise after his second full season rather than his third.

I think Tyler Marsh has brought up this point a few times, and that's great because not only is it a pretty reasonable point, but Tyler's a fine educator in our state. So to the parents who may read this, make sure your child's teacher is Mr. Marsh, and to the rest of you, stop reading and go make babies so Tyler can mold their minds.

Some other notes:

  • I've been asked to pass along a note from XM Radio that all Rays' games will be broadcasted this year.
  • In case you've been wondering DRB will change to SBN 2 Saturday, and BTB on Sunday, we'll have more info for you on that later in the week.
  • The Hardball Times Rays' preview will be posted on Thursday.