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Trade Coming? THT Preview Up

Per the St. Pete Times:

The Rays are also continuing to seek another outfielder, and those trade talks should intensity in the next couple days.
The Mariners, Dodgers and Angels are among teams with extra outfielders and might be in the market for pitching help. The Rays - in the right situation - could deal one of their young starters, Edwin Jackson or Jason Hammel, who are out of options anyway and could be surplus when Scott Kazmir returns, and then bring back Jeff Niemann to start now.

Amongst the excess outfielders on those teams:
Andre Ethier
Delwyn Young (poor defender)
Reggie Willits
Juan Rivera
Jeremy Reed

We've discussed many of these names, but now the team's interest is official - or at least hinted at.


In other Rays related news, The Hardball Times posted their Rays preview today and I was fortunate enough to take part, here's a snippet that I will undoubtedly expand on, but I didn't want to bore the non-Ray fans with Friedman love.

2. Is Andrew Friedman the new Billy Beane?

Perhaps that's a bit hyperbolic--Friedman likely won't have a book written about his approach on market efficiency anytime soon--but you have to admire the job the first-time general manager has done with some of the lowest payrolls even for the Rays' meager history. Friedman has managed to combine talented prospects with a few steady veterans and some breakout candidates to the extent that PECOTA sees the Rays winning 88 games while only "paying" around $2 million per victory.

Again, I'd like to thank Bryan Tsao amongst others for having me. It was fun.

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