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DRB Contest Time: Win MLB 08 The Show for Playstation 3

The fine folks at Sony have provided the site with a few copies of their new baseball game, MLB 08: The Show for the Playstation 3 gaming console. Most of the staff is addicted to it despite the lack of Eric Hinske, Willy Aybar, Joel Guzman, and Andy Cannizaro amongst others. Here's the deal, as you know we'll be doing our first (likely) game thread with the new format, so the game threads should be much improved, the posters who have the funniest or most insightful comments will win a copy. If you don't have a PS3 I'm not sure what to tell you, maybe a friend or family member has one, or maybe you can sell it, or you could just raffle it off on here to another user, frankly that doesn't matter too much to us.

All of this starts Monday, I'm not guaranteeing a winner a game, or that we won't give all the copies away on Monday - a Rays win would help ensure that - but hey, at least it's not some crappy book this time, right?