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Although the Rays dropped Al Lang's final game 6-3, that wasn't really important to me.  I was obviously there to see the game and root for the Rays, but like most people there, it was really just to see a game at Al Lang one last time.

I suppose the best thing you could call the game today is bittersweet, as it's great the Rays are expanding their fan base south and possibly building a beautiful waterfront park on Al Lang's current property, but it's just hard for me to imagine that they won't be playing baseball on First Street anymore come springtime.  

The place was packed, 30 minute lines for beers and hardly a slice of grass available on the berms, it was electric and a great send off for old Al Lang Field, and I hope that all of you that wanted to go were able to.  Hit the jump for a couple pictures of the post-game barbeque.