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Nathan Haynes is Tom Goodwin

02afl3046haynes_mediumCan we settle this Nathan Haynes talk, please?

He is, and should only be, our fourth or fifth outfielder. If team necessity dictates that he gets more at-bats than his personal performance should suggest then yes, by all means, we’re screwed. However for now he’s simply the 12th or 13th man on the bench, nothing more. Let’s go through some of the questions/arguments being raised around the internet.                                            

We should’ve traded for someone better…               

I suppose in an ideal world Corey Hart would’ve fell into our laps for Jason Hammel, but since we don’t live in my dreams this simply wasn’t happening. Matt Murton didn’t fit the classified ad, and Jeremy Reed likely wasn’t worth the asking price, same with Reggie Willits. Focusing solely on Reed, his minor league numbers are more impressive than Haynes and his last appearance on a top prospect list is far more recent than Haynes, but the contrasting difference is that Reed has received a few opportunities as a major leaguer and failed, Haynes hasn’t even gotten a true chance.


Chone Figgins personal batting coach, in fact I suppose you could infer that the move is simply ensuring that when Figgins reaches his impending free agency off-season he’ll sign here to reunite with Haynes and Maddon while taking over in right. I’m joking, but only a little. 

He’s trash!

Possibly, but shouldn’t we see that for our own eyes first? Plus his middle name is Raymond, can you say destiny?

Nathan Haynes. Not great. Good. Terrible. Or incredibly relevant, but somewhere in the middle.