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Rays Acquire Ben Hendrickson, Maybe

  • Former Milwaukee Brewer Ben Hendrickson is now in the system and will start in Durham in some capacity. It appears he was picked up off of waivers ,  His issues seem to be control related, maintaining a measly 1.8 K:BB ratio in the minor leagues. If nothing else he now leads Durham in hair. It looks like Hendrickson was just acquired by the Royals for a minor leaguer and appeared in their game yesterday. Odd, for now let's assume it's the right player, not too many other Hendricksons running around out there.
  • Wade Townsend and Eduardo Morlan will indeed begin in Montgomery. Stacy Long has the organizational depth chart posted along with the Hendrickson news and...
  • Desmond Jennings will apparently miss some time with a back injury, if you remember he had minor knee surgery last year.