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Jake's Takes: Four-letter Words and "The House the Rays Tore Down"

Jake's Takes are the ramblings of Jacob Larsen and may not represent the thoughts and ideas of DRays Bay and it's writers. Viewer Discretion is advised. -JL

- If you were bored like I was, waiting for the MLB Gameday to refresh and show the Rays back-ups put a pummeling on the Phils', you probably stopped your tv on ESPN(sorry for cursing kids) which featured the Mets Vs. Indians with the voices of BBTN(again, I apologize for the foul language) in Karl Ravech and Kruk.

Nothing says comedy like hearing those 2 during a 9 inning game. Kruk continually shows why he's considered to be an idiot in addition to being a fat slob. Didn't catch his entire quote, but he basically considers ERA as being a pointless stat. Last time I checked, "Wins" for pitchers are more pointless in judging pitchers than ERA is. That's just me, though.

Around the 7th or 8th inning, it feature the cringe-worthy chit-chat between baseball's answer to "Laurel and Hardy" and's Amy Nelson. I've read some of Amy's stuff and watched an interview or two with her, but ESPN made a fool out of themselves by having Ravech attempt to talk baseball. She sounded nervous, somewhat awkward and seemed to talk like an excitable, pubescent teenage girl. I was trying to find Q-Tips to jam into my ear to silence the pain.

It only got worse, though, when Kruk recycled his entire "Where did people get the idea that ESPN has a biasness towards the Yankees and Red Sox?" speech from this weekend's Baseball Tonight midday show on Sunday. Ravech proved to be rather comical when he sounded shocked to hear such an absurd idea. Gasp! How could people think such a thing? It's proposterous!!!

Kruk says that he's able to sleep better at night that an increase in Yankees apparel sales would "right the universe" again. It was pure Kruky sarcasmness, but he shouldn't ever be asked for an opinion because he lost credibility around the same time he lost his testical.

- I could've kept the next subject in the same bullet point, seeing as it was a subject mentioned in the torture-like 3-hour debacle of a Spring Training game on ESPN.

Before the game ended, they mentioned how this was the final year of Yankee Stadium(during a Mets/Indians game, but hey...they're not biased towards the Yankees) and how important it was for the team to close down the stadium on a good note.

My thoughts?

F & ^ % THAT!

It's only Spring, but I'd be so happy if the Rays proved to be as much of a good team as predicted(but still on the outside of the playoff picture) and those final wins prevented the Yankees from making the playoffs and causing the Yankees to end old Yankee Stadium's history on a sour, disgusting note.

Why? The Yankee fans have to learn to become humble. Their farm system may not have been depleted by an asinine Santana Trade, but it's still not a great one with the resources that the Yankees have. With all the money that they spend, the Rays shouldn't prove to have the best system by good margin. Either that means that the Yankees aren't hotter than sliced bread anymore, when it comes to scouting, or it means that teams are scouting better than the Yankees.

So, at the end of the 2008 season, Yankee Stadium's headstone will read...

"Was the House
That Ruth Built...
But Became the House,
That the Rays Tore Down"