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Let Em Play

According to The Heater, Yankees manager Joe Girardi can't handle a little physical play. After Elliot Johnson crashed into catcher Francisco Cervelli, the Yankees skipper wasn't too fond of the play:

"I don't understand it,'' Girardi said. "I've always known that you don't do it. I know kids are playing aggressive and they're playing hard - that's how you want them to play - but maybe if it happens too much you should mention something.''
Maddon, though, had no problem with Johnson's play: "I loved the hardball right there. We're playing it hard, we're playing it right.''

That's how you want them to play, right Joe? Unless, it's you on the receiving end of it.

 As the Rays are in a transitional phase, the new motto of this team is too seemingly play hard no matter what the situation is. It seems that this motto has brought the team together, as it has even made the teams advertising slogan "We Are One Team" seem fitting for the first time in team history.

Girardi can complain all that he wants, but this team is doing what it needs to do to be ready to compete this season. If he has a problem with players colliding at the plate he should take it up with the league, since the rulebook has no problem with it.

Since this tough play is best preparing this team for the season, there is no reason for them to stop now. If Girardi doesn't like it, they can just not show up on Wednesday, because this team is going to bring it to them all year long.