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Al Reyes Arrested and Tasered

Per BayNews9 (hat tip, Al Reyes was arrested for fighting in public. Apparently Reyes fell over and thought that someone pushed him ,even though it was due to his inebriated state. He approached the person he thought pushed him, which eventually led to a fight. After he got into the argument with this man, he was allegedly punched in this face by him and began to bleed. This just further proves the point that even your ordinary citizen can get a hit on Al Reyes.

Reyes reportedly spat blood at onlookers and that's when the officer warned him to stop. When he refused, the officer warned him and then Tasered Reyes. He began to get up -- prompting the officer to Taser him a second time

Reyes was then arrested for fighting in public. The other person in the fight was also held on battery, and both were released.