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Q&A With Drunk Jays Fans

Tonight marks the beginning of the Disney World Series. If the Rays lose this series the evil Canadians win, and let's be honest; nobody A) Wants that and B) Wins when Canada does, except for Canada, and frankly who cares about them? So with national, local, and blog pride (and space) on the line, we enter this sure to be hotly contested battle in The Magical Kingdom of all places. Andrew Stoeten of Drunk Jays Fans (and occasionally MLBTR) was nice enough to sit down with us for a little exchange, his answers are after the jump.



How does it make you feel to see Eric Hinske seemingly regaining some of his Rookie of the Year success?

How about, um... completely unmoved? I watched Shitske for too long to change my mind on him based on three weeks. I know what he is. He is Shitske.

I only said five questions, so let's stretch this out with a little word association, the first five words that pop to your mind concerning each of the following:

J.P. Ricciardi: Evidently his best isn't enough.
Keith Law: Too smart for own good.
Frank Thomas: Scary bad when he's bad.
David Purcey: Number four starter his ceiling.
John Gibbons: Easy target, under-appreciated, sacrificial lamb.

In all seriousness, benching John McDonald for David Eckstein pissed me off, how has Eckstein played so far and who leads the team in scrappy, Eckstein or the gritty Marco Scutaro?

Eckstein is miles ahead in this one. So much grit! I like to yell it out at the ballpark when he does something good-- GRIT!-- but it kills me a little inside every time I see him put all his strength into a looping, lob of a throw that only barely beats a runner. Johnny Mac saved the season for Jays fans in 2007, and it seems like every time he's played so far this year he's done something in the field that I just cannot believe. But hitting killed the Jays last year, it's killing them again now, so I understand why Eckstein is playing, and I'm slowly coming around on him. The game-winning 3 run home run the other night helped. GRIT!

The Jays outfield or the Rays for the next five years?

Jays. I absolutely love Upton and Crawford, but this weekend's business with Frank Thomas opens the door for Adam Lind this year, and then Travis Snider next year, which is going to give the Jays a tremendous outfield so long as Vernon Wells never has a season like 2007 ever again. Ever. Again. Ever.

I am, of course, absurdly biased.

Magic >>> Raptors, therefore Orlando >>> Toronto, Florida >>> whatever the hell those things you call provinces are, and America >>> Canada, correct?

I'm sorry, I don't have time to answer this last one because I've got go and take a walk down our clean, safe streets to the local clinic and put my free health care to use because of some liver pains I've been getting from drinking all kinds of delicious beer that actually contains enough alcohol to get a man drunk. I know this all probably sounds very strange to you, but it's true.

You are definitely correct about the Magic and the Raptors, though, but I wouldn't write Toronto off just yet. They've been infuriating to watch for weeks, but the Magic are their best possible match-up, and there still is a whole lot of talent in there somewhere. At least at one end of the floor. But isn't whatever happens in the Eastern Conference playoffs is pretty much academic?

Thank you Mr. Stoeten, and be sure to check out DJF throughout the day tomorrow for my replies.