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Site Outage Last Night/Today

[UPDATE]: Well, so much for that "last night" thing. Apparently there were additional problems today that occured when the tech guys tried to rectify the problem permanently, and thus the seven hour outage or so that just occured. I'm so sorry for the continued interruption in site service, and we can only hope that this outage today is the last of them.

I just wanted to throw in a quick note of apology for the site outage that consumed the better part of at least six hours or so last night. DRB was down from the time I got home in the early evening until I went to bed shortly after 11, so I was just as perturbed as you to be unable to access the site, at all, in the later part of the day.

Unlike what earlier messages indicating, this was not "scheduled maintenence"; we obviously wouldn't schedule that during a game. Apparently the servers hosting this and all of the other SBN 2.0 sites went on the fritz and Trei and the other tech people had to essentially go the hardest route towards restoring access. The details bore me, as I'm sure they do you as well, so I'll just say that the process to eradicate "bad" RAM that the site had purchased on Tuesday evening took quite awhile. The RAM was purchased to alleviate the problem of slow load times, which I'm sure you've noticed recently. These slow load times have come about as the result of increased traffic and additional features on the new platform. Unfortunately the RAM purchased apparently corrupted one or more of the servers and forced it to go down, hence the long delay in returning.

So all indications point to this being an isolated incident that won't be replicated in the near future, and certainly not during a game. But on behalf of SBN and this site specifically, I just wanted to apologize to all of our readers for any inconvenience the outage may have caused to your reading/commenting habits. We value our community greatly, and we look forward to seeing things return back to normal this evening as we complete a sweep of the Blue Jays.