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Platoons Don't Bite, Aren't Evil, Usually

Everyone seems to hate the idea of platooning players and I'm really not sure why. Remember when I asked Marc Normandin about his thoughts on platoons?  I didn't expect for people to continue carrying a distaste for the lineup mechanism, and of course I really didn't see it coming that people would be unhappy with a SUCCESSFUL platoon, just take a look at the numbers.


I understand having multiple names that don't add up to "sexy" isn't the most thrilling thing in the world, but let's face it, Barry Bonds isn't walking through that door and even if he did he wouldn't play right field. Using two or three players for the production of one isn't anything to be ashamed of really, remove the paper bags from your head, whip up a "Grohines" jersey, and if you really have to use only one name for our right field production call it Aubrey Huff.