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Trever Miller Needs to Face Less Righties

Here are Miller's splits thus far this season:

OPS versus right-handed batters: .876

OPS versus left-handed batters: .596

By those numbers Miller should be purely a LOOGY, yet amazingly he's actually faced the same number of lefties and righties (22 plate appearances against each). This is a problem, and I'm not really sure why Joe Maddon continues to use Miller like a regular reliever with the splits screaming "ONLY LET HIM FACE THE BATTERS WHO STAND ON THE SAME SIDE AS THE ARM MILLER THROWS WITH!"

Essentially Miller is facing Dan Uggla every time he pitches to a right-handed hitter, and Juan Uribe against lefties, so why is it that Maddon seems content on him facing both an equal amount of times? Kurt Birkins and J.P. Howell actually have lower OPSes v.  LHB than Miller, so yanking him for a righty to pitch to a righty isn't -- or at least shouldn't -- be an issue, in fact the Rays may have a ROOGY on their hands.

Jason Hammel has a .613 OPS against RHB and a 1.012 OPS v. LHB. Hammel's curve seemingly breaks in to righties.

So let Hammel have Miller's right-handed hitters, and Miller have Hammel's lefties, and we may just have perfect harmony.