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36 Games in, Our MVP(s) are...


The gloves.

Defensive Efficiency (think the anti-BABIP, essentially 1-team BABIP, this is the amount of balls put into play turned into outs)

2008: 4th (.720)

2007: 30th (.662)

2006: 29th (.680)

2005: 24th (.691)

2004: 3rd (.711)

Obviously this type of metric is based largely on sample size, so the Rays won't end over .715 (nobody did last year, not even the Jays), but they probably will end over .705. The last time the Rays finished over .700 they won a franchise record 70 games, and that was with the likes of Tino Martinez, Rey Sanchez, Julio Lugo, Aubrey Huff, Carl Crawford, Rocco Baldelli,  and of Jose Cruz Jr.  essentially the outfield defense was a tarp. Just to try and compare, I think the Rays have the edge at nearly every spot minus right, but Gabe Gross is a solid defender it seems.

So here's to you Rey Sanchez and Jose Cruz Jr. may your gloves be with us.