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The Bad News Rays

I wonder if Stu knows that, somehow, "Chico's Bail Bonds" has appeared on the Rays' jerseys.

Not so long ago, when the Angels, Red Sox and Blue Jays came into town...It was bad news for the Rays. As a matter of fact, things in a good third of those games would probably get ugly and unwatchable.

However, it's starting to appear that fortune is starting to change in our favor and we're giving teams the fits that they used to give us.

While we're not completely perfect, however we're starting to get that killer instinct against teams and learning to put teams away rather than allow them to stay late in games. I don't remember how many games that I've watched in the previous 10 years in which we'd put decent amount of runs on the board, yet we'd get careless or lazy and just manage to lose games.

Gone are the days that we put a pitcher in from the 'pen and we groan and say "Ugh, (insert player's name) is in....we're toast!" I'm sure that I'm not the only one, but I'm sure some of the most loyal Rays fans have a smile on their face due to that.

5 Games over .500 is uncharted waters for the Rays, but why stop there? The earth isn't flat and we're not going to fall off if we surpass 5 games over. Let's hope that our team plays with chips on their shoulders, rather than listen to ESPN/Fox or any other fairweather media outlet who have started to toot Tampa Bay horns because the Rays have a better record than the Yankees. Last time out, when we had our 3-game sweep of the Red Sox, we had a day off and my only guess is that the team listened to all the BBTN positive remarks and they were quickly brought back down to earth on the Tuesday game.

I know a few posters here were alive when the original "Bad News Bears" movie was out in theatres, or was played on TV, and Walter Mathau's character was reading the schedule of the games up ahead.

Next up is the Yankees, what does it mean for the Yankees??

Bad news for the Yankees!!!