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Garza Needs to Throw Strikes

58% strikes today.

In the games Garza has done well he's broken the 60% strike rate, in games he has not he's stayed in the 55-58 range. I'm not sure if 60% strikes is the magic number for success (I intend to do some research on it) but for all pitchers the number one must for production is throwing strikes. You must to last, if you don't, you won't. This goes for Garza, Edwin, Shields, Sonnanstine, Kazmir, Felix Hernandez, ect. you HAVE to throw strikes.

Also of his 80 pitches, 55 were fastballs. Maybe it's just me, but throwing 69% fastballs as a starter simply won't work, especially if you can't locate it.

Also Garza is using his curve less than 5% this season. That's a plus pitch. WHY?