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Going Slow in a Fast World

I'm guessing Sonnanstine's fastball usage had something to do with his beating today.  On the season he's thrown roughly 36% fastballs, but today 48 of his 100 pitches were of the speed driven variety. To quote Tommy Rancel of OutsPerSwing, "When your fastball is 88, that's not good."

When you're leaving that fastball up, it's also not good.



Note the fastballs left in the middle of the zone, that's simply not going to work. To Sonny's credit he threw 64% strikes today, but that's actually lower than his 69% average this year. Really it doesn't appear he pitched bad enough to give up seven earned; 6 innings, 9 hits and a walk, and six strikeouts on 100 pitches. That's a WHIP of 1.66, which isn't good. The two homeruns allowed were the ultimately the most costly.

Rough day for the Rays overall, Sonny included, but this might be the first real butt whooping of the year for us.