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Price Night



Our prized young hurler finally takes the mound tonight, and without doing too much disservice to Bishoff's diary I'd like to remind people of what Price can do and ask what you think he'll do.

Pitches: Fastball, slider, change-up, slurve

"Money" pitch: Slider

Fastball sits 94-97, can hit 98+, moves away from righties/in to lefties.

Slider sits around 84-87, extremely late/sharp break that he's not afraid of throwing in two strike counts. Very effective.

Change-up is a work in progress and he has some mechanical issues while throwing it, namely dropping his arm angle which tips the pitch.

Slurve is used as a compliment to his slider, not much else.

2007 statistics (Vanderbilt) 13.10 K9, 2.09 BB9, 6.26:1 K:BB ratio, 0.2 HR9.

And now your turn with some over/unders on the night:

O/U: 5 innings

O/U: 2 strikeouts per inning pitched

O/U: 3 earned runs

O/U: 1 walk

O/U: a hit per inning

O/U: 10 total baserunners

O/U: 70 pitches