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Could Pedro Alvarez be the Pick?

Lost in the Price shuffle today was the tidbit from Buster Olney that the Rays are considering Buster Posey or Pedro Alvarez for the top pick in the upcoming draft which seemingly conflicts with the reports that Posey/Tim Beckham were the final two contenders. It's probably not a good thing, but my first instinct was this is seemingly a negotiation tactic, not however, with Posey or Beckham, but rather to get Pedro signed at a more reasonable rate than expected. Of course Alvarez' agent is Scott Boras making this far less likely and despite the Carlos Pena deal there aren't exactly hugs and kisses floating around on either side of the fence which seems to suggest that a scare tactic isn't the way to go for the Rays or Boras.

So here's the poll, what do you think the odds are that Pedro Alvarez ends up a Ray?