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Carlos Pena: This Close to Exploding

I mentioned this last night as well, but I wanted to give it proper attention. Pena is nearing the point where he's going to start ripping limbs off of bears again, he's seriously a ticking timebomb. Look at his numbers:

2007: 18% LD, 37.5% GB, 44.5% FB, .305 BABIP, 29.1% FB/HR

2008:  16.2% LD, 36.8% GB, 47% FB, .255 BABIP, 16.4% FB/HR

I'm not sure about the carry over effects of FB/HR%, but outside of that his ducks are in a row. Starting with his BABIP, which should only shoot up, and ending with the fact that his stance is seemingly becoming more lower body conscious, as it was last year, I think it's pretty safe to say if you can buy low on Pena in your fantasy league, do it.  He probably won't end up like last year, but ~30 homeruns isn't too bad.