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Percy to the DL; Aybar Back

Per the Heater . Percival will endure a 15 day DL stint with the hamstring injury, Aybar is actually in the lineup tonight, DHing and batting eight.

Obviously I'm not too thrilled about losing Percival, but Aybar was quickly becoming one of my favorite Rays early on before succumbing to his own hamstring issues. In his rehab time he played all over the infield, including second and first base, and could apparently take Ben Zobrist's place if/when he goes down for Grant Balfour in a numbers game move -- the ones on the checks -- that will leave Gary Glover on the team.

Apparently Wheeler/Reyes will split save duties which hopefully means Reyes will watch Wheeler close only when the 9th inning is the situation Wheeler is needed in the most.  I'd expect J.P. Howell to get a "promotion" to seventh inning duties as well, but I'll hold my breath on that one.