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A Report on Tim Beckham

PitchF/x guru Josh Kalk over at THT got a chance to attend Tim Beckham's debut Thursday night and did a write up, which you can find here.  What's interesting is that the pitchers are wasting no time working Beckham inside, as Kalk notes:

It was clear that the game plan was to bust Beckham inside, which makes sense considering his stance. He has the tools to deal with that pitch but I would expect that he will be getting similar treatment until he really squares up that pitch on a consistent basis. Potentially a bigger concern is if pitchers continue to work him in with his leg lift and stride I wonder how equipped he is at getting out of the way. If his stance stays this way I'd expect to see him near the top of the HBP list. Beckham seemed very willing to take a walk in high school so while he did swing at a few marginal pitches early in the count Wednesday I wouldn't be too concerned about that. He showed good speed and hustled down the line even on the two routine grounders he hit.