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Bloody Hell Mate

That was quite a grouse performance eh? A ripper of a performance by Garza, seven innings, five hits, three strikeouts, and no walks while throwing around 63% strikes. Garza gave way to offsiders J.P. Howell and Grant Balfour, and no knock on Howell but things got interesting when Balfour rocked up.

Balfour's mid-to-upper 90's fastball made the Sox hitters look like swagmen as the Rays became tall poppies for the third straight game, picking up his second save since going Troppo last July. Balfour's emergence becomes even larger as Troy Pecival is currently as useful as an ashtray on a motorcycle.

Oh and Percival to the DL, Mitch Talbot has been called up. Welcome to the show bloke, make us proud!